Meet The Crew

Laura Tangney


Laura is 5th generation of the Tangney Family Dynasty. Growing up in Killarney Town, a hotspot for tourism and witnessing her parents run their own local enterprises including the Watercoach and Jaunting Car Tours along with a large Guesthouse, shaped much of Laura’s early life. With tourism in her blood, it was no surprise to anyone when it became her chosen vocation later on in her college tenure. Having graduated with flying colours, Laura embarked on a career as a Sales & Marketing Manager within the hospitality sector before returning to take the reins of the family business alongside her two brothers Michael & Paul. Nowadays, her focus remains on the marketing side of the business where she looks after the booking and commercialism of the tours.
In her spare-time, Laura loves to take advantage of all the beauty that Killarney has to offer by walking or spending time with her family in the Killarney National Park.

Michael Tangney


Being 5th generation in a long line of great tourism and business minds has always given Michael a natural affinity for the trade. Like Laura, growing up watching and witnessing first-hand the entrepreneurial spirt of both his parents, gave young Michael a solid grounding for the tourism industry as well as an opportunity to learn the tools of his trade. Michael has always approached his work with a hands on attitude and still to this day loves to get involved in all aspects of the day to day running of the business, from organising bespoke tours in the office to getting his hand dirty with the upkeep and training of the horses from the Killarney Jaunting Cars, however he especially loves the opportunity the business affords him to meet different people from all over the world.

Paul Tangney


Danny Lyne


Danny grew up experiencing all the unique beauty that Killarney has to offer within the surroundings of his family home, close by the spectacular Torch Waterfall, nestled deep in the Killarney National Park. Growing up in such close proximity to the Lakes of Killarney and at a time when many of the Killarney Hotels offered boats trips to their guests, boats and water became second nature to Danny and would turn out to shape both his future interests as well as his career.
Today Danny works as a Carpenter specialising in boat building and repairs as well as a Tour Guide on the Lily of Killarney Watercoach. His personal hobbies and interests are also closely linked with his beloved lakes and he has enjoyed a competitive rowing career which has seen him travel all over Europe.
His passion for the great outdoors and locality of Killarney can also be seen in his art which he sells locally. Danny is a favourite among tour visitors for his in-depth knowledge of the area and his unique ability to impart his passion and love of the lakes onto his guests.

“One of the most favoured attractions experienced by our Groups”

The Irish Tourism Group Ltd.